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BREAKING: Joe Letz of Combichrist Actually Black Man in Whiteface All These Years

NEW YORK, NY—It has been revealed that famed Combichrist drummer, Joe Letz, who has recently found himself at the center of a blackface controversy, is in fact a black man who has been masquerading as a white man with emo hair all these years.

Photos of Letz not wearing his usual whiteface on stage have surfaced over the past month and caused a massive misunderstanding among the industrial scene. He has been accused donning blackface and being a racist. As it turns out, "Joe Letz" is actually 34-year-old David Mukembe, a performance artist of Gambian decent.

Said Mukembe, "This has been my greatest piece yet. In disguising myself as a Caucasian, sub-par drummer in a mediocre industrial band, I was able to shine a light on the impending death of industrial music."

Mukembe also made a clarifying statement about his whiteface, " I only disguised myself as an obnoxious white guy in order to blend in. This wouldn't have worked if I'd been one of the five black musicians in the scene. I in no way meant to insult white people or belittle their culture's struggles through history."

Mukembe also apologized for dragging out what was essentially a bad joke for over a decade. He has since left the band, and Combichrist's original drummer, Roland TR-909 has taken his place.


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