May 7, 2018

Industrial Shirts on has something for everyone—even rivet heads. Turns out, there's a huge selection of Industrial-related shirts as well as EBM-related shirts. Just search "industrial music," "ebm," "electronic music," or your favorite band to see what they have. They're not lame either. There's a sick, full-print Laibach shirt I kind of want, and I'm not even that much of a Laibach fan. Father's day is coming up, and my old man is fond of the old men of industrial.

Musicians, they've got stuff for you too. Wear a MicroKorg One on your chest, and let everyone know you're a synth addict. There's plenty more synthesizer and gear designs too.

Ok, yes, we're getting paid for this post and will get a commission if you buy anything after clicking on these links or pictures, but that doesn't change the fact that some of this stuff is pretty awesome. There's no reason we both can't benefit from this.

We were compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on our links.

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  1. Are the bands getting money from the sale of these shirts or are people ripping off artists and making their own unofficial and unlicensed prints?


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