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Local Club that Books Your Favorite Bands to Close Next Month

It's the end of an era: that local club that books your favorite industrial acts is permanently closing next month. The club, which has been a favorite spot for fans of industrial music in your community for many years, has been struggling to keep its doors open for years even before COVID-19. In fact, the owners have been trying to sell for the better part of a decade. The decision has been made to close for good.

The club's current owner for the last two decades has been very candid about the closure. "For a couple years, we were been completely shut down because of COVID. I think I'd convinced myself that everything was fine up until that point. But now that we're back up and running, I'm reminded that all those 'interested' clicks on Facebook never amount to actual bodies coming through the door. I decided not to renew the lease, put all the top shelf booze in my trunk, and finally booked some local kids who've been nagging me for years."

The news comes as a blow to the industrial music community, which has already lost several key venues in recent years. That local club you like was one of the last remaining places where fans could see their favorite industrial bands perform live in your city, and its closure will be a major loss for the scene. From now on, you'll have to drive a minimum of two hours if you ever want to see someone pretend to play an unplugged synthesizer ever again.

The club's final show will be a special performance by Mechanical Zebra Carcass. It's a bittersweet farewell for those who have made it their second home over the years. While it's sad to see the club go, its legacy will live on in the memories of its patrons, and the four tweets on its Twitter from 8 years ago.

Your local music scene will likely never recover.

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