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Deaf EDM Producer Keeps Getting Booked for Power Noise Shows

RICHMOND, VA—In a controversial case that has had the internet's electronic music scene up in arms, a deaf EDM producer has only been booked by promoters for power noise shows since his debut in the scene five years ago.

Jerry Smith, aka DJ Eardrum, has been practicing and toying with synthesizers and DAWs for the past eight years, but it was not until June 2012 when he got his first gig. "I posted an ad on Craigslist linking anyone curious to what I do. I got contacted a few weeks later by some dude who told me to go to his venue in Colorado."

Things immediately did not seem right for Eardrum as when he got to the venue it looked like a broken down hole in the wall, not the usual lit up, college bro party drinking slophouse he was used to seeing on the internet. That didn't stop Eardrum from playing the set with his whole heart, however.

"As the set went on, all these goths flooded the dancefloor and I could not understand. I thought they hated EDM, but I made them party all night. They were really into it. It was then that I realized that my music must be so good that it's able to cross some sort of subcultural barrier."

DJ Eardrum is currently setting up a new EDM night in his hometown of Richmond, VA which is already making waves across the power noise scene.


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