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Riveting News

Zardonic to Fight Zub-Zero in Mortal Kombat

OUTWORLD—Once again, Shao Kahn's infamous fighting tournament is in full swing, having attracted many Earthrealm warriors. Thus far, Zardonic has been crushing his opponents with his impeccable timing and strong beatings. His electrically charged blasts of metal and signature fatality, the Flying Metal Bass Drop, have been a cause for concern among the other entrants. In his next match, he will be up against Sub-Zero, the former Lin Kuei assassin. Though Sub-Zero's Cryomancy lineage allows him to freeze his opponents, we here at Riveting News are hopeful that Zardonic's beats per minute are fast enough to outmaneuver the icy blasts. Their first round is scheduled for next Tuesday at 4:00 PM.

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