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Goldman Sachs Acquires Dope Stars Inc. in $2.3 Billion Merger

WALL STREET—Goldman Sachs (NASDAQ:GS) announced today the completion of the merger with Dope Stars Inc. (NASDAQ:DSI), headquartered in Rome, Italy. The investment firm had spent eight months in negotiations with Victor Love who will hold a seat on the board of directors.

“Together with Dope Stars Inc., we offer increased regional size and strength, a more cyberpunk investment portfolio, and opportunities for our customers and associates that wouldn't be possible separately,” said Lloyd Blankfein, chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs.

“This conversion was the culmination of countless hours spent by an outstanding group of associates dedicated to not only making this transition possible but also making it a success,” said Victor Love, frontman and CEO of Dope Stars Inc. “It was a team effort that required the support of the entire band, and we look forward to serving our fans with our now expanded presence in America."

Love's various other projects Master Boot Record, Hacking The Wave, and Epochate will remain subsidiaries of Victor Love Industries.

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