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Band Without Gear Starts Fraudulent 'Stolen Gear' GoFundMe to Pay for Gear

WINONA, MN—In the age of crowdfunding, musicians often turn to platforms like GoFundMe to finance their projects, tours, or even recover from unforeseen disasters. It's a great platform to help communities come together and support those in need. However, a recent incident involving a band claiming to have had their touring gear stolen has sparked controversy and raised questions about the transparency and integrity of such campaigns.

The goth industrial band Mechanical Zebra Carcass recently launched a GoFundMe campaign with an all too familiar, heartfelt plea for help. They claimed that while on tour, their van was broken into, and all of their expensive music equipment was stolen. The emotional appeal struck a chord with supporters, who generously donated thousands of dollars to help the band recover from a huge loss that was said to include a drum set, vintage synthesizers, and a fog machine.

However, suspicions arose when fans noticed inconsistencies in the band's story. Some eagle-eyed supporters pointed out that in previous social media posts and live performances, the band was never seen using some of the gear they claimed was stolen. Photos surfaced online showing rental stickers on the various power tools the band was notorious for using on stage. A local promoter claims that there is no record of the band having booked any shows at the time of the supposed theft. Others noted that while the band posted pictures of their alleged stolen equipment, which is common practice among musicians seeking help after such incidents, the photos appeared to be merely screenshots from an Amazon Wishlist. Even the lead singer's father posted on social media that none of the band members had a valid driver's license or even owned a car, much less a van. He also pointed out the band's troubled history with crowdfunding.

As doubts grew, investigations were launched, and it was eventually revealed that Mechanical Zebra Carcass had never owned the touring gear they claimed was stolen. In fact, the band had concocted the entire story as a ploy to raise money to buy equipment for the first time.

The revelation sparked outrage among fans who felt deceived and betrayed by the band they once supported. Many demanded refunds, while others called for the band to be held accountable for their actions. The GoFundMe campaign was swiftly shut down, and the band issued a public apology acknowledging their wrongdoing and promising to refund all donations.

Though their reputation may have been tarnished, it wasn't too late for Mechanical Zebra Carcass to make amends. By owning up to their dumb mistake, issuing refunds, donating to a charity that provides musical instruments to low-income schools, and demonstrating a commitment to transparency moving forward, they were able to rebuild the trust they lost and regain the support of their fans.

Although some members of Mechanical Zebra Carcass have exhibited annoying behaviors in the past, it has not gone unnoticed that throughout this period of increased scrutiny, not one of the band members has been accused of even a single instance of racism, homophobia, sexual misconduct, or being an alt-right, anti-trans wacko who's been lying to everyone about their core values. The industrial scene has agreed to give Mechanical Zebra Carcass a mulligan and forget the whole thing. It's amazing what taking responsibility, showing remorse, and choosing to do better can accomplish.

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