May 11, 2020

Hacker Totally Responsible for And One Twitter Rampage

UPDATE: And One's official Twitter and Facebook have been deleted. Super weird, because it's usually only guilty people who erase their social media presence.

It was totally a hacker who set out to make the barely-still-relevant synthpop act look bad, so you can still play Military Fashion Show when you DJ.

In case you didn't hear, And One has gone fully insane on Twitter after watching "Plandemic" during a meth binge (Editor's Note: The meth part is purely speculation on the part of the author). In addition to calls for Trump to invade their home country of Germany and implying that Hitler wasn't all that bad, they primarily lashed out at World Health Organization Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and Bill Gates, two major subjects of the dumb YouTube video posted by an adult man with a gemstone nose piercing. Other targets of And One's wrath included Greta Thunberg, Twitter Support, and a young boy dancing in a video.

This all followed months of weird, Q-Anon, Trumpy Facebook posts that would appear and disappear. Now we're to believe that it was a hacker all this time that managed to perfectly match the cadence and grammar of their regular posts? C'mon, bro, we're buying And None of that.



  1. Who cares? Probably reactionary politic /r/niceguys like the author (an assumption on my part,I'm sure he's a nice guy)

    1. Those are certainly all words.

    2. Are you trying to say And One's antics are OK?

  2. when did Riveting News become the newspaper of record

    1. The very instant we published our first story.

    2. Not true - Steve is a real asshole!

  3. Steve Naghavi is a very big liar. His former BAnd colleagues and current cast turn away from him! The hack attack never happened! Steve has knowingly published all these contributions with full conviction! On the advice of his label, he invented this fake story! Steve died for us socially thinking! He's a fishish and conspiracy theorist! You should avoid it! Germany is ashamed of him

  4. Steve messaged me on Facebook back in April, asking about Central Park in NY when they started having the outdoor morgue trucks due to COVID. Always found that weird. Can send the screenshots if you want.


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