July 19, 2017

Deaf EDM Producer Keeps Getting Booked for Power Noise Shows

RICHMOND, VA—In a controversial case that has had the internet's electronic music scene up in arms, a deaf EDM producer has only been booked by promoters for power noise shows since his debut in the scene five years ago.

Jerry Smith, aka DJ Eardrum, has been practicing and toying with synthesizers and DAWs for the past eight years, but it was not until June 2012 when he got his first gig. "I posted an ad on Craigslist linking anyone curious to what I do. I got contacted a few weeks later by some dude who told me to go to his venue in Colorado."

Things immediately did not seem right for Eardrum as when he got to the venue it looked like a broken down hole in the wall, not the usual lit up, college bro party drinking slophouse he was used to seeing on the internet. That didn't stop Eardrum from playing the set with his whole heart, however.

"As the set went on, all these goths flooded the dancefloor and I could not understand. I thought they hated EDM, but I made them party all night. They were really into it. It was then that I realized that my music must be so good that it's able to cross some sort of subcultural barrier."

DJ Eardrum is currently setting up a new EDM night in his hometown of Richmond, VA which is already making waves across the power noise scene.

July 14, 2017

Director Stanley Kubrick's Extensive Involvement in Moon Landing Hoax

It has been suggested that Stanley Kubrick, the truly gifted director who was responsible for such classics as 2001: A Space Odyssey was hired to help fake the Apollo landings. Given Kubrick’s painstaking attention to detail, it is now well known that he was involved in this elaborate conspiracy.
But if Kubrick was responsible for this ruse, it should certainly be considered his finest work. Just look at these special effects models he left behind. They were recently photographed by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO). Here is the Apollo 11 set:
Most Directors would have been content to use a large sound stage, but Kubrick insisted on shooting on location. One anonymous source, claiming to be a member of Kubrick’s film crew for the moon project, has claimed that the Director insisted on shooting on the Lunar surface “Because he wanted to get the light just right.” The alleged cameraman has also stated that setting up the sets and operating the cameras in the harsh Lunar environment was extremely difficult, but as they were being paid more than double union scale it was well worth it.
Kubrick also insisted on building new sets for the later Apollo shoots, claiming that reusing the Apollo 11 set would lead to a lack of nuance between shoots.
Here is Kubrick’s Apollo 12 set:
Unfortunately the Apollo 13 shoot turned into a disaster. The principle shooting was very arduous, and then most of the Lunar surface footage was severely damaged by radiation from a Solar flare. Kubrick tried to fix the project in editing, but in the end he simply wasn’t satisfied with the result. He convinced a reluctant NASA to change the project to a rescue thriller, since most of the orbital photography was still usable and they could do most of the new lines with simple voiceovers. The project sold better than expected, but Kubrick was still disappointed about the ruined footage, as well as the several members of his film crew who died during production.
The Apollo 14 shoot was much easier and quicker, as they simply re-used the Apollo 13 set and re-recorded the dialog with the new Astronaut-Actors.
Here is the renamed set for the Apollo 14 shoot:
The tracks visible in the picture were caused by the film crew travelling to the set, as they landed a short distance away from the set to avoid damaging the fairly fragile models. Kubrick incorporated one of the camera carts into the shooting as a Lunar Rover to account for the film crews tracks.
But despite the success of the Apollo 14 project, Kubrick was getting bored with the whole NASA contract. He wanted to add a subplot involving a love triangle charged with sexual tension between the Apollo 15 Astronauts for the next shoot, but the NASA bureaucrats simply wouldn’t go for it.
For the Apollo 16 shoot Kubrick tried to sell a poignant story about a crash on the Lunar dark side, but NASA wouldn’t approve actually killing the Astronauts. Kubrick insisted that the deaths, while tragic, were artistically necessary to the plot, but NASA wouldn’t budge. The Director was furious about the obstructionist role NASA had assumed, but decided to continue with the next Apollo project, already deep in pre-production.
For the Apollo 17 shoot Kubrick decided to tone down the testosterone level by adding a woman scientist to the story. He was also hoping to sway NASA by pitching a more low brow concept that would have broader appeal to the flagging American audience.
Kubrick’s script was centered on the character of Dr. Sandra Goodacre, a marine biologist coming to terms with her place in the Universe while investigating the lost seas of the Moon. Kubrick also told the NASA bigwigs that she would have really big boobs which he said “Would look really amazing in the low Lunar gravity!” NASA told him that they would consider it.
Kubrick’s vision was not to be.
A week before shooting was scheduled to start NASA gave him a revised script, throwing the Director into a renewed rage. Kubrick’s reaction was remembered by a friend who would later relay the director’s profound disappointment. “Those bloody bastards axed Sandra!” shouted the Director, “Now I’m stuck with some Geologist schmuck named Harrison Goddamned Schmitt, and all he freaking does is pick up rocks and shit!”
Kubrick shot the Apollo 17 project, mostly due to legal considerations, but he would never again speak to anyone at NASA.
NASA still had three full-sized Saturn V props left, and they seriously considered producing more Apollo projects, even starting preliminary talks with David Lean as the new Director.
But politics would intervene.
Richard Nixon, needing to make budget cuts to continue funding the Vietnamese War, cancelled the entire Apollo project. Nixon was also apparently disappointed about not getting to see the footage of the “Moon-whale babe”, but that was almost certainly a minor factor in his decision.
No major film Director has been to the Moon since.

This answer is dedicated to my stepfather Andre, who passed away last Thursday. I hope he would have chuckled while reading it.
Rest well Andre

This article was republished from Quora.com with Mr. Gemain's consent.

July 11, 2017

Goth Rhinoceros Wants to Go Extinct

AKAGERA, RW—Though the black rhino has been struggling to survive for decades, there exists one that has for years been a proponent of its entire species dying out.

The East African black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis minor) is one of the few remaining black rhino subspecies left in the world, and is currently listed as endangered due primarily to poaching; rhino horn made into dagger handles is a symbol of wealth in many countries. Contrary to popular opinion, the horn is not consumed primarily as an aphrodisiac; only small amounts are used for this purpose. 23-year-old Kamhout, an avid Bauhaus fan and resident at Akagera National Park in Rwanda, reluctantly participates in the Eastern Black Rhinoceros Species Survival Plan, a shared conservation effort by zoos throughout the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Despite his overall disinterest in existence, Kamhout once narrowly escaped his own death when poachers attempted to lure him into a trap using a special collector's edition Blu-ray copy of The Crow. Some volunteers have speculated that the brooding pachyderm may have refused to play into their hands due to his desire to witness the the extinction of his species, though park officials have pointed out that Kamhout also does not own a Blu-ray player.

July 5, 2017

Musician Takes Fan Response to Limited Edition Cassettes Literally

MADISON, WI—The frontman of Mechanical Zebra Carcass has been hospitalized after following the instructions of an unenthused fan at their merch table.

During a recent tour stop in the Dairy State, Scario Maclaver was working the merch table after his band's set when a man in his early thirties wearing glasses and a cat t-shirt approached him and complimented the singer on his performance. Upon thanking him, Maclaver promptly drew the man's attention to the limited edition cassette copies of the latest Mechanical Zebra Carcass album.

"He's really been pushing these hard. I really didn't even wanna do them, because who the fuck wants a cassette? Scar was adamant though that we have 'em pressed up. He said, 'Tape is the new vinyl.' But yeah, this was the first time on the tour I've seen someone respond honestly and say what we're all thinking," recounted the band's synth player Shavro Uticrus.

A fan who witnessed the incident, Jeremy Lane, 23, told us, "MZC is all about the fans, man. Scario will do whatever it takes to keep us satisfied. That dude in the cat shirt was a dick. I own that tape, and I love holding it in my hands while I listen to the first copy I bought off iTunes."

Maclaver was rushed to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment. The band has since posted an eBay link to the recovered cassette. A user "jlan1994" currently holds the highest bid at $2.50.

June 27, 2017

Goth Softball Game Postponed After Two-Hour Sun Delay

OSWEGO, IL—The Goths' game against the Metalheads on Thursday was postponed after a two-hour sun delay that began in the fourth inning. A makeup date will be announced next week.

As a result of the sun-out, the three-plus innings of play at Fireman's Park were wiped off the record, and the rescheduled game will begin from scratch. Zack Greyheart, who smashed what would have been his team-leading 10th home run of the season in the fourth inning, is likely to be the most disappointed by that development.

The game was paused as Jose Darksoul was batting with two outs in the top of the fourth inning and the Goths leading, 3-1. Three batters earlier, Greyheart had clobbered a two-run shot off Metalheads starter Jaime Brutal.

Despite a sunny forecast, the game began as scheduled, which meant the Goths burned Josh Bloodraven for 68 pitches over three innings. Had the game not been played, the Goths would have pushed Bloodraven back a day to start on Friday against the Punks.

That would have allowed the Goths and their underperforming and battered rotation to skip Rafael Blackness, the replacement starter for the injured Noah Deathsin.

Now, Blackness will have to start as first planned on Friday, when sun is also in the forecast.

Asked if he was unhappy about the two-hour delay before the game was called, Bloodraven replied, "I'm always unhappy."

June 19, 2017

Gas Leak at Cyber Goth Rave Kills Zero

ISLINGTON, UK—A ruptured pipe caused a gas leak over the weekend inside Electrowerkz, a renowned three story nightclub in London's Islington District. The leak appears to have occurred during Slimelight, a popular weekly Saturday night club event. Slimelight usually operates two dance floors: a darkwave/goth room (on the ground level), and an ebm/aggrotech room (on the middle level). From time to time, the third dance floor (on the top level) will play power noise. As fate would have it, on this particular night, the event had been downsized to only the second level aggrotech floor due to minor renovations in the ground floor.

The patrons in attendance suffered no respiratory issues, and danced the night away to [Android\K├Âlon:58] completely oblivious to the hazard. The leak was discovered the next morning when a custodian lost consciousness while cleaning the club. Repairs and renovations have since been completed, and Slimelight is set to be in full swing this coming Saturday on all three Electrowerkz dance floors.

June 12, 2017

Eric Oehler Accidentally Conjures Malevolent Spirit While Playing Theremin During Caustic Set

MILWAUKEE, WI—Toward the end of the night on day two of Milwaukee's first annual Sanctuary Festival, Caustic had begun performing their set. Eric Oehler (Null Device) was manning the controls and theremin, special guest Brian Graupner (The Gothsicles) was doing something with an iPad while fist pumping, and Matt Fanale (all around douche) was on the edge of the stage screaming into a helpless SM58 and licking the forehead of a Riveting News field reporter.

About six songs in, a focused Oehler could be seen working the theremin in an especially intricate manner. After about a minute or so, a wavering, bluish haze began to coalesce. What initially appeared to be an interaction between the fog machine and stage lights soon became an unmistakable aberration.

"I was just in the zone. Lady Business always gets me going. I began to feel a slight inner sense of dread; I just chalked it up to anxiety, because I knew a Riveting News journalist was watching, and that's a pretty big deal. I didn't even notice what was happening," recounted Oehler.

Suddenly, the bluish haze became a large dull flame, and a dark, menacing figure appeared.

Said an excited Graupner, "I was so stoked; I thought it was a Castlevania ghost. I started looking around for a loose XLR cable I could use as a whip. I can handle those, no problem. Two hits, and they're done."

Almost immediately after the entity had fully materialized, an energized Fanale began sensually dry humping the shadowy figure. It was then that a previously stunned audience cheered and resumed stomping on the dance floor. The dark entity seemingly became confused, and vanished after about 15 seconds once Fanale had reached around and attempted to sodomize it with the microphone.

The guys continued to play seamlessly through and beyond the mystical wraith's appearance, although a cautious Oehler noticeably avoided the theremin for the remainder of the set.

June 7, 2017

Pair of Combat Boots Never Seen Combat

ALLENTOWN, PA–It's been revealed that a pair of combat boots owned by a local goth have only ever been worn in a club setting. Stomping to Front Line Assembly is the closest they've come to seeing actual front lines.

Riveting News reporter Steven Gullotta uncovered the shocking truth behind the stylish footwear:

As I walked through the dance floor of my local, awesome, and super packed industrial night club and stared at everyone's boots, I began to notice a bit of an oddity: Not one of these pairs of boots seem all that used. In fact, most of them looked brand new and as if they were only worn at the club and nowhere else. I could not understand this, especially since all the blackened leather was fit for combat and not for a club night of dancing. I mean, really, how are you gonna dance in them things? You'll crush someone's toes off if you accidentally stepped on them. This is why I launched a full fledged investigation.

I went up to the nearest goth that I could find and pulled him aside. After greeting me with a very friendly, “What the fuck are you doing?” I was able to sit him down at a table and have a talk with him. He seemed to calm down as soon as I slid him some black nail polish and a graphic novel adaptation of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

After a series of vigorous questions directed toward the anonymous 31-year-old, I discovered that his boots were in fact combat boots that he had purchased at his local military surplus store.

"Yeah, these boots are the real deal, but I only wear them when I'm at the club 'cause I have to dress normal in the streets just in case my boss sees me. I don't wanna get fired. But after all the recent night club shootings, I figured I needed some protection. So combat boots it was," he explained in a not-very-convincing manner.

Continuing on, he stated that should he ever see combat, he's sure his boots will give him the upper hand, “These things easily give me an extra quarter inch of height against my opponent. And, you know, you gotta take the high ground in a fight. It helps.”

June 5, 2017

UPDATE: Steven Archer of Ego Likeness, Stoneburner Replaces Stolen Hair with Mop

UPDATE: Since the theft of his hair by a crazed fan, Steven Archer has taken to wearing the head of a mop as a sort of "security blanket" as he copes with the loss of his identity. Fellow artists have started a betting pool on whether the hair can be recovered by authorities, or if he will be forced to grow it all back.


BALTIMORE, MD—Steven Archer of Ego Likeness and Stoneburner was accosted by a thieving fan while performing at a local venue over the weekend.

Archer was slapping fives with fans between Ego Likeness' second and third song when one opportunistic concertgoer grabbed a fistful of the musician's luxurious locks. Before security could intervene, the rogue fan had produced an electric razor and removed the gorgeous mop from Archer's head.

Archer, though shocked and noticeably shaken, resumed his guitar playing for the remainder of the set. Halfway through the next song, a fedora was thrown on stage (presumably meant for Archer) which he angrily kicked back into the crowd.

After leaving the stage, Archer's wife, singer Donna Lynch, could be seen holding her distraught husband as he wept into her shoulder.

No arrests have been made, but witnesses say the thief was a wild-eyed bald man in his late 30s to early 40s wearing new glasses, Daisy Dukes, and a t-shirt that said "Blame Caustic."

May 30, 2017

Hot Topic Employee Fired for Criticizing The Nightmare Before Christmas

SCHAUMBURG, IL—The worker, identified as 17-year-old Krystyna, was let go when she took her previously acceptable melancholy and indifferent attitude too far and referred to the Tim Burton cult classic as "lame."

Riveting News reporter Nicholas Gnames was on scene when the events unfolded:

The store’s decorations looked like Tim Burton held 18 to 24-year-old girls down and tattooed various depictions of Jack Skellington on them in the most visible of places to show the world just how original they are and then stapled the girls themselves to the walls.

As a 36-year-old man, I was sort of inspired.

"Do you have that 'The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Sally Reversible Girls Hoodie' I saw on the website?” I asked a girl name Krystyna because she was obviously Ukranian or her mom thought she was creative but was instead a total failure even when she attempted to be a photographer.

"But you’re a man. Why would you want a girl’s hoodie?" she inquired.

Fairly certain I had not heard a yes or a no, I pressed onward, "It’s reversible. Perhaps the reversed side is a men’s hoodie."

"Whatever, it’s like totally lame either way. Everything’s lame."

I too remember being 17 and working my first job. I too remember being unable to answer even the most simple of questions, usually because I was very, very high on marijuana. I felt bad for her. I felt bad for me because I was literally shivering, and if I could just get a hoodie, men’s or women’s, I would not be shivering any longer. I began screaming for warmth. A manager approached me.

"Sir, please, keep it down, our target demographic is 6-year-old girls and their 19-year-old mothers–because they typically like the same things–and they seem frightened." The nerve of this guy…

"Listen, all I want is my 'The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Sally Reversible Girls Hoodie' I saw on the website, and Krystyna told me that was lame and assumed my gender."

He fired her on the spot. I felt terrible until later when I saw her working at Torrid where her fat ass belonged in the first place.

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